Experience has taught us that discovering market insights in this era of unprecedented data volume is best achieved by weaving deep financial expertise with machine learning



Investment Expertise

Our founding team have extensive experience managing & trading billions, from the trading floor of Goldman Sachs to investment houses such as Aberdeen Asset Management, as well as experience setting up systematic hedge funds.

We spent 5 years as a team mining large equity data sets at Just Group, winning a 2017 data award in Financial Services for evolutionary computing that optimally solved investing for the insurer.

Our CEO was recognised by Information Age as the UK's top Data Leader in Finance in 2017 as a result of this work.

Pioneering Machine Learning

We have a unique academic depth from world-leading institutions such as UCL, Oxford & Cambridge in the cornerstones of artificial intelligence covering maths, statistics, computational neurobiology and machine learning.

Our founding team have developed pioneering machine learning in fields such as a computational neuroscience PhD in visual memory (published in Nature) and algorithms enabling AI to observe its own intelligence when dealing with noisy financial data.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Successful application of machine learning at scale requires access to cutting edge hardware. 


We are partnered with NVIDIA, developers of the world’s fastest supercomputer in their AI accelerator program, and build on their compute with Amazon AWS and Oracle.  

Our engineering experience, from tech giants such as Google and Facebook, and from leading the development of mission critical trading systems at tier 1 banks, gives us the ability to fully exploit the hardware, integrating algorithms and data into industrial-grade systems.