Superhuman Investment Intelligence

Empowering investors with big data insights


Founded by UK leading data science team

We have an award-winning track record engineering investment AI that unlocked superhuman insights.​

Our award-winning machine learning

Has discovered new financial knowledge, advanced professional understanding and guided the investment of billions.​


A deep equities forecasting intelligence that can explain itself.  ALBA outperformed the world's top investor over the past 30 years on unseen data, demonstrates skill beyond chance in live testing and continues to improve all the time.


ALBA - prediction intelligence for accurate global equity insights

Find, sort & screen in seconds

ALBA enables near instant discovery & assessment of long & short stock opportunities from all geographies & sectors,


ALBA provides an unparalleled equity research tool.

Alba Sort iPad.PNG
Deep factor insights

ALBA thinking is unique to every stock & explained in depth including:

  • alpha prediction & insights by factor

  • predicted sensitivity of stock to factors

Coverage: all listed global equities, currently over 20,000.   

ALBA's research equates to thousands of analysts.

Alba Insights _ iPad.PNG
Reliable predictions

This plot shows the mean return & dispersion on unseen future data of stocks grouped by ALBA rank


Future returns are calculated 1 year from the point of ranking, and the data is aggregated over the last 20 years. 

Turbo-charge your investing with big data insights

  • Next-generation artificial intelligence running on thousands of processing units

  • Developed by award-winning data science team with experience running equity hedge fund strategies​

  • Compressing over 30 billion  data points per stock to the one you really care about - "alpha"

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