Open Source Intelligence for National Security: The Art of the Possible

Sep 12, 2022

The war in Ukraine was a wake-up call for many in revealing the ability of non-state actors such as Bellingcat to glean immensely valuable security information from entirely open source data. This phenomenon is not new, but has been insufficiently explored. Many private sector firms are effectively leveraging the wealth of open source and commercially-available data to answer questions that have vast ramifications for national security. What is possible in this world of open source information, and how can governments - and specifically intelligence communities - leverage this new capability that resides outside of the government domain? On November 2, 2022, the Intelligence Project hosted a session to hear from experienced private sector professionals from Altana AI, 3AI, C4ADS, Zero Trafficking, Public Democracy, and Faculty AI, each speaking to a national security-level issue they have addressed with the right open source or commercial data and the right analytical approach. The session was led by Belfer Fellow Kristin Wood, former CIA officer and current CEO of Grist Mill Exchange, and facilitated by Intelligence Project Manager Maria Robson-Morrow. Jump to 00:34:43 to hear COO Hassan Salam to speak about Geopolitical Evaluation Using Financial AI.